Technology Simplified

Based in Victoria, Cornwall the company provides clients with a range of Technology services with a focus on security and management.

With many years of experience working with micro businesses through to multi-million turnover firms our skills lie in the development and management of systems for SMEs of all sizes.


Security focus

Business networks can be assembled in several ways but in order to meet Data Protection, GDPR, or PCI compliance regulations there are certain criteria that need to be met.

Our security service involves an in-depth audit which provides an overview of your systems and sets out the requirements you need to reach compliance.

We can then put those steps in place for you.  Or work as an advisory service with your internal/external provider.

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Unmanaged mess?

Technology can evolve into a complicated and unwieldy mess. And while businesses do care they often wind up struggling. Management can help.

Our managed service provides two significant benefits;

The first is that you can have a professional and experienced service provider that works for you and with your business in mind.

The second is the approach.  Taking a focused approach combined with our industry experience means we can give your business the technology systems it needs.

And you get the reduce the stress, hassle, and even costs.

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