Technology Simplified

Fast, practical and cost effect technology solutions for business is what Technology Simplified offers.


Jargon lite, no mucking about, no secrets and lies, just solid business technology solutions that work for your business.  If this is what you’re searching for please read on.


We feel most people just want to work on their business.  Some of our clients complain initially that in the absence of a structure staff time is often consumed with niggling IT problems.


Technology has a way of seeming easy to setup and run with problems not really appearing until much later, often a business has work practices engrained by that point, making it harder to effect change.


An unfortunate truth of using technology in a business is that it’s almost always in a state of change, and these days you may not even get a choice if you want that or not. (See: Windows updates!)


Technology Simplified provides a technology management service.  This service will grab your business IT by the scruff of its neck and shake it until it’s all neat and tidy.


In other words, working with existing suppliers of equipment, telephony, web, connectivity, software, applications, all of the technology in your business.


And pulling it together, make it more efficient, make it more appropriate, make it work for you not against you.


This approach isn’t for everyone, nor is the amount of honesty that will come with it.  But……if you’re looking for a technology troubleshooting service that will help better integrate IT with your business then you could do worse than give us a call!


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