Security Simplified

Security Simplified is a product that is designed to cover the significant IT security needs of your business.

It is priced based on the number of devices used within your business and billed on a monthly basis to keep the costs spread over a financial year.

All setup and documentation is included.

The list below covers most of what is included. (Click each option for more info)

  • Security software for PCs and Servers
    Managed security software that will stop your Servers, PCs and mobile devices becoming infected with harmful software that could be harmful or threatening to your business.
  • Backup Solution for server (or PC acting as server)
    Software based backup that provides a daily on-site backup and an additional cloud-based backup for full off-site protection including email notification.
  • Server security
    Updated security policies for Windows servers, monitoring for server security, 2FA authentication for servers, additional guidance on how to secure your server(s).
  • Network security
    Secure router and wireless configuration, monitor network for rouge or unauthorised access.
  • Internal Security report
    Check/create/update internal documentation for staff to ensure correct paperwork and complicance with Data Protection is in place.
  • Physical and site security
    Audit and report on physical office and site-based security.  Recommendations on how to improve.

Security Simplified. Technology Simplified. #KeepITSimple

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