(Last Updated On: January 14, 2019)

January 14 2019 – PRESS RELEASE

Technology Simplified – a new brand for a new kind of technology

VICTORIA, Cornwall.

With increasingly more complicated business technology solutions including critical elements such as cyber security, cloud based delivery, mobile devices, and software as a service to name a few, choosing a technology strategy for your business that is fit for purpose, secure, efficient, and just as importantly within budget is increasingly difficult to achieve by the non-specialist.

Technology Simplified, the new name for Aurumtech Solutions, aims to address this by providing a suite of four distinct services to its clients, all operating under the Technology Simplified banner.  Planning Simplified will work with a company to establish a technology plan that matches the company growth projections. Projects Simplified can deliver those plans, working with trusted partners to implement the most efficient and cost-effective solution.  Management Simplified can then oversee the technology on a 24/7 basis, updating the technology as required, and Security Simplified will take care of keeping the nasties at bay, whatever or whoever they are.

Chris Rickard, company Founder, said “Our new website at showcases a first for the regional IT sector, enabling our clients to develop their business secure in the knowledge that their technology will not only work for them today, but will keep working for them tomorrow.  By providing a seamless and super-efficient service, we not only help businesses to streamline process and reduce waste, but enable them to work better, faster and smarter.”

Simon Dean, Owner of All-pac Packaging Supplies (Cornwall’s No. 1 Packaging Supplier), has been impressed by this service. “We were a bit apprehensive having a third party in to go onto our network and having access to our company files, we instantly found Chris to be easy going and he understood the issues we had and was able to sort several small issues in a short space of time as well as coming up with some suggestions of ways we could improve our systems and efficiency[..]we have taken up most of these suggestion and as well as making the company more efficient, it has saved us valuable time.”

Chris continued “We’re excited about supporting more businesses to make the right decisions.  We’re already seeing a strong demand for this new service, and as a result we’re planning on expanding in the New Year.  We look forward to working with many more clients over the coming years.”


For more info, contact:  Chris Rickard, Managing Director – 01726 247257 –