• “Technology Simplified created a bulletproof backup solution for our organisation. They devised a multi-stage backup solution including a searchable archive together with a cloud backup. The great thing was that it is fully automated and I get an email confirmation that this has been done every day.”

• “I needed to update my PC infrastructure on a budget so I called the Technology Simplified team and they suggested rather than replacing the computers that I had, they did a technology audit and upgraded the PCs that were under-performing. This made such a difference, and as a temporary measure will keep me operating at peak performance until the new financial year starts.”

• We were engaged at short notice by an organisation in the to improve their internal security for a cloud-hosted email system. Using our Planning Simplified service, we integrated additional levels of security that could be run automatically or manually to provide flexible but robust solution, together with authoring a suite of security and policy documentation to support the organisation. As a result the client was subsequently approved to become part of the Government supply chain.

• It’s not all big scale projects – sometimes we are called in to work with smaller clients, and one example is when we took on a full refresh and redeployment of a small IT suite which was become a source of frustration within the client organisation. Without interrupting their ability to do business, we reconfigured the network, introduced a maintenance schedule for all PCs, and removed unnecessary network overheads. “Chris and his team made a substantial difference to my organisation. Technology Simplified indeed!”

• We also work with clients with more advanced technology challenges. Recently we were commissioned to redeploy a complex data network with physical devices (including a significant number of Apple based devices) deployed across multiple physical sites into a single cloud-based system. Our Planning Simplified service ensured that this redeployment ran like clockwork from start to finish, and today our Management Simplified service ensures that application installs, software updates, setting adjustments, and backups are all administered remotely. This leaves the client’s staff to get on and do their job with complete peace of mind that their technology and their data is in safe hands.